Confetti front pageTurn every show into the main event.

Whether you are planning a small party, a special presentation, or the greatest show on earth, Kabuki Confetti bursts into the air to shouts of joy, cheers, and excitement. Brightly colored pieces of confetti explode in the rafters filling an arena. Clouds of confetti slowly float down on the crowd, arms raised in Celebration.

Our confetti is manufactured using high quality satin finished tissue that is very light and very bright. We offer a wide choice of colors, various combinations including Mylar, perfect to match your theme or set.

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Streamers front page

Cued to make an impression.

Kabuki Streamers are made to create an impact in any show. Combined with stage lighting and design, streamers explode in tangible effects. Of different colors, lengths and design, they spread to cover a crowd. In venues large or small, both young and old reach up for the sky, grabbing handfuls to make shakers and pompoms.

Our streamers are manufactured from high quality Satin finished tissue. Available in variety of colors, or color combinations of both tissue or Mylar, we offer a number of different streamer products to fit every event.

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Launchers front page

Aim for the WOW!

Kabuki Launchers are light and easy to use. Pull the rip chord and a 900psi blast of CO2 propels streamers and/or confetti high in the air with the greatest of ease. Create stunning visual effects from a wide selection of colors and products. With just one launcher you can create an impact; use a bunch to create a Blast!

Our Launchers are manufactured from high quality PVC and a CO2 inflator. Launcher tubes are clear pipe so you can see what you’re loading, and to insure that no foreign objects gets mixed into your load. We offer both manual and electric launchers.

For more information on our various launchers, please go to product pages.



CO2 front-page

High velocity CO2

Kabuki CO2 cylinders provide the high pressure required to propel superior visual effects. Manufactured to aviation specs, they provide more compression. The heavy duty threaded neck provides a secure attachment to the launcher’s inflator. Safety is a factor in a pressured environment.

Our CO2 cylinders are manufactured in Austria specifically for the Safety Industry.

They come in various sizes such as our recommended 16gr cylinder, 8gr and larger cylinders for special applications.

Go to the CO2 section on our products pages for more information and specifications.





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