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Affordable Launchers, Fun and Easy to use

Highly efficient Kabuki Celebration Launchers deliver state of the art confetti and streamer effects. The superior design of the Kabuki launchers eliminate the need for plugs and pressure caps, which simplifies the loading process and lowers the per shot cost. All Kabuki launchers are able to effectively blast loads of both confetti and/or streamers.

Though Kabuki confetti and streamers can be used with a variety of launchers they are designed specifically with our launchers in mind. Kabuki celebration systems are light, easy to use and affordable; all the excitement and thrills of fireworks without the dangers. No permits. No licenses required.

Our 32” and 20” Launchers are CO2 activated Manual Launchers.

32" Launcher Details

20" Launcher Details

Need custom color mixes or a large quantity quote?

We make all of our confetti and streamers from fresh, bright papers. If you're looking for special color combinations, shapes or product mixes, just ask. As a factory, we are also able to offer discounts for large quantity purchases. Please contact us at the following phone number, or simply fill the contact sheet.

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