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Versatility is the word when it comes to the 20" Launcher, designed to be light, easy to use, and effective in various  settings. The launcher has a clear tube, so the user can see what is being loaded, and an advanced design that eliminates the necessity of pressure caps and/or lifting cups. Designed to give years of reliable performance, the launcher is manufactured to meet the highest standards.

The CO2 based launcher is recommended to cover small areas with streamers or confetti, or to create visual effects. The Club Industry, DJ's, magicians, and restaurants all find the 20" (50.8) cm) model ideal under various applications. Its small size adds a “Slight of Hand” element of surprise to an event, celebration, or other gathering.

Construction: PVC -- barrel is clear so you can see what you are loading -- quantities and color mix.

Size: 20" (50.8 cm) model -- 4" (10.2 cm) wide handle -- barrel 1 5/16" (3.3 cm) OD, 1" (2.54cm) ID.

Weight: ¾ lb (.34kg).

Trajectory: 5' (4.5 m)to 60' (18.3 m) depending on product.

CO2: 16 gram recommended -- requires 3/8" threaded neck cylinder 24 UNF -1A neck.

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