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The 32" (81.3cm) Celebration Launcher is designed to be light and easy to use, but yet able to create an impact. Adding to its functionality is the clear tube so the user can see what is being loaded.

Designed to give years of reliable performance, the launcher is manufactured to meet the highest standards. Blasts KABUKI paper products from 30 to 60 feet in the air, depending on the paper and how it is packed. Can be used effectively onstage or by your crew.
The Launcher is recommended when the primary purpose is to cover a crowd or stage with loads of paper. The launcher is also an exceptional performer under more personal settings such as weddings and other personal or public gatherings. 

Construction:  PVC -- barrel is clear so you can see what you are loading -- quantities and color mix, but no foreign objects.

Size: 32" (81.3 cm) model -- 4" (10.2 cm) wide handle -- barrel 1 5/16" (3.3 cm) OD, 1" (2.54cm) ID.

Weight: 1 lb, 1 oz (.49kg).

Trajectory: 5' (4.5 m) to 60' (18.3 m) depending on product used.

CO2: 16 gram recommended -- requires 3/8" threaded neck cylinder 24 UNF -1A neck.

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